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Stow Lockets is a new luxurious jewellery brand now available on the NZ and Australian market. Inspired by chic soho edge, a Stow Locket is an exquisite locket finely hand crafted from either solid gold, rose gold or sterling silver, and features a gorgeous crystal glass face. Make your own beautiful statement about who you are with Stow Lockets.

Stow Lockets is a beautiful collection of fine and high quality lockets, charms and jewellery, stylised by great woman of the past and inspired by the empowered women of today. Precious story-telling jewellery is the essence of Stow Lockets.

The Stow woman can be a professional, a daughter, a wife, a dedicated mother, and traveller, whose belief is that every woman can achieve all that they dream and aspire for. The Stow mission is to create meaningful keepsakes to be stowed safely inside a range of exquisite lockets, allowing women to capture their personality and style.